Frequently Asked Questions

Are my Donations to AmFAM tax deductible?

Yes AmFAM (American Friends of Ahl Masr), an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, registered in Virginian.

How can I Contact AmFAM?

Please send all inquiries to

Can I donate to a specific case of my choosing?

Yes of course, you are welcome to do so and can choose the case you wish to donate by reaching out to us and donate through our channels.

What are the types of ongoing charities I can contribute to?

The ongoing charities within the AmFAM for Development are the following:

Contributing towards building the hospital or supplying it with medical equipment for the treatment of accidents and burns.

The Safe Village program which provides roofs for homes that need them, running water, as well as minimising the fire hazards in poor villages.

If you wish to contribute to any ongoing charity, please deposit the donation and select the category you wish to contribute to and we will nominate specific areas for the money to go towards.