Donation Programs

Long Live Your Name Program

Ahl Masr has launched this program for individuals and groups who can change lives and memorialise their or their loved ones’ names by sponsoring wards, designated hospital areas, and medical equipment which can be named in their honour.

Choose your area of interest

  • Trauma/Burn inpatient wards
    • Pediatric Trauma/Burn inpatient room
    • Ault Trauma/Burn inpatient room
  • Trauma/Burn Intensive Care Unit
    • Pediatric Trauma/Burn ICU room
    • Ault Trauma/Burn inpatient room
  • Burn Medium Care Unit
    • Pediatric room
    • Adult room
  • Operations Suites
  • Infant incubators
  • Diagnostic Imaging centre
  • Emergency Department
  • Cardiac Catheterization Unit
  • Endoscopy Unit
  • Physical, Psychological & Social Rehabilitation Center
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Blood test laboratories
  • Blood Bank
  • Skin and Tissue Bank
  • Patient Entertainment Center
  • Clinical Research Center
  • Social Research Center
  • Hospital hallways

Sponsoring a Trauma/Burn Victim Treatment Program

You can give patients hope for the future and a chance at a productive life by sponsoring their comprehensive treatment. Extending beyond just the medical care, your generous sponsorship will also include physical psychological, occupational rehabilitation, as well as social integration. The rehabilitation also covers family members who need help adapting and coping with the situation in a positive way.

The trauma and burn victim treatment sponsorship includes:

  • Necessary operations & reconstructive surgeries
  • Eyes surgery
  • Prostheses
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Psychological rehabilitation
  • Occupational rehabilitation

Goodwill share Program

Donating to the Goodwill program can get you one or more places to have you and your loved ones’ names engraved on the hospital fence so that your positive contribution can form an integral part of the hospital’s foundations for generations.

  • Almsgiving share
  • Ongoing charity share
  • Honorary Gifts share for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

To know more about how much to engrave a name please

Corporate and institutional CSR Program

This program aims to supportthe Ahl Masr Non-profit Trauma and Burns Hospital by opening the door to the involvement of different sectors of society through one of the following:

In-kind donations

We accept in-kind donations like building materials, goods, appliances and more.

Corporate Social Responsibility

You can direct a portion of your company’s corporate social responsibility budget to the Ahl Masr Non-profit Trauma and Burns Hospital

Percentage of sales

You can dedicate a small percentage of your company’s sales to Ahl Masr non-profit Trauma and Burns Hospital and share the story behind your decision in all media outlets associatedwith the company and the Ahl Masr Foundation.

Employee Giving

Employees can donate a portion of their salaries to sponsor patients’ rooms and medical equipment.

Matching Gift

Thanks to their generosity, many employers will make similar donations to match the charitable contributions made by their employees

Monthly Donation Program

Constantly make a difference by giving a fixed monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual donation as you see fit. It is exactly this kind of committed support and generosity that allows us to turn the hospital’s vision into reality by:

  • Contributing to the construction of the Ahl Masr Nonprofit Trauma and Burns Hospital
  • Funding the acquisition of the most up-to-date hospital equipment
  • Funding the treatment and surgeries of trauma/burn victims
  • Providing medication and medical supplies to trauma and burn victims
  • Funding awareness and prevention programs
  • Funding the Safe Village program
  • Supporting ground-breaking research into the development of new treatments

How to Donate

Via Bank Transfer

Wells Fargo Bank
Account Name: American Friends of Ahl Masr Corp.
Routing No.: 051400549
Account No.: 1385631799

Online by credit card

Mailing a check

To the order of American Friends of Ahl Masr

Address: 4000 Legato Rd # 1100, Fairfax, VA 22033​