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How it all began:

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American Friends of Ahl Masr (AMFAM), is U.S independent non-profit organization under 501(c)(3) for tax deductible contributions. AMFAM was founded in 2018 to support the prevention, rescue, treatment and rehabilitation efforts of Ahl Masr Foundation in Egypt to become Africa’s and Middle East’s first non-profit organization to focus exclusively on trauma and burn cases. AmFAM aims to assist through fundraising that includes corporate giving, individual gifts and special events, as well as global and local developmental initiatives

The Board Members of AMFAM

Mr. Mohamed Elagazy, President of the Board

Mr. Elagazy is the CEO of CPS, a United States based company specializing power and telecommunication solutions, and is the chairman of Pacific Telecom Council. Prior to CPS, Mr. Elagazy led the business development and international relations for a large U.S. data center developer in the EMEA region with a focus in maximizing energy efficiency. He was also a founding member of Gulf Bridge International (GBI), and helped build the global network for Verizon.

Dr. Aly Gamay, Vice president of the Board

Gamay is a Ph.D. food chemist and nutritionist, established several companies including Gamay Flavors and DreamPak, which employ hundreds of people in the industries of shelf stable dinners, food flavors and manufacturing of cold and hot drinks, liquid vitamins and sports nutrition is a known enterprise in the field. Dr. Gamay holds more than a dozen of US patents covering various fields in food, beverage and nutrition.

Ms. Maha Halaby,CPA, Treasurer

Ms. Maha is a Certified Public Accountants. She is currently the Director of Finance at International Road Federation (IRF).The International Road Federation is a global not-for-profit organization, headquartered in Washington, DC since 1948 and supported by regional offices throughout the world to serve a network of IRF Members in more than 70 countries.

Mr. Ahmed Mostafa, Esq., Secretary

Ahmed is an international business lawyer with extensive experience in international corporations transnational and regulatory work. Ahmed is admitted to practice law in Egypt in 2010, Minnesota 2017, Virginia 2018 and Washington D.C. 2019. He currently is the Corporate Counsel for Blumont, Inc. He worked for Baker & McKenzie on cross-border transactions. Ahmed also advised domestic, U.S. clients with respect to international transactions and compliance.

Dr. Salah Hassan, Board Member

Dr. Salah S. Hassan is a professor at the School of Business and affiliate faculty of Institute for Middle East Studies, Elliott School of International Affairs, the George Washington University and has been a professor at GW School of Business since 1988 and served as department chair for six years. Dr. Hassan was recognized in 2005 with the “Outstanding Marketing Teacher” award by the Academy of Marketing Science. He published well over 70 articles and papers in academic journals and trade periodicals.

Dr. Ashraf El fiky, Board Member

Dr. El Fiky is a Harvard-trained and educated clinical research expert and is currently is a full-time Medical Officer at a global regulatory and clinical research consulting firm, EMMES, headquartered in the Washington DC metropolitan region. His duties include medical monitoring, pharmacovigilance, drug risk assessment/mitigation and regulatory oversight of clinical trials assessing the safety and efficacy of novel drugs, vaccines and stem cell therapies.

Ms. Iman Elagazy, Board Member

Over 15+ years ago, Iman started out with one of the largest home builders in the country, Ryan Homes and NVHomes, as a Sales Manager. While there, she received extensive training in residential project management and new home sales. Iman sold over 40 homes a year in Fairfax, Loudoun, and Price William counties, and was the recipient of numerous company awards.

Ms. Nesrin Elsourany, Board Member

Nesrin Elsourany holds a Master’s Degree from the School of Business, The George Washington University, Washington, DC. She is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, International Honor Society for collegiate schools of business, in recognition of her high scholastic achievement. Also, she earned her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (English Section) from Alexandria University, Egypt. Currently, Nesrin is a Corporate Accounts Manager at Accurand consulting group in charge of corporate strategic partnerships and public relations. In the past, Nesrin served as corporate event coordinator and management trainee with the San Stifano for Real-Estate and Tourism Corporation in Alexandria, Egypt directing communications related sales and marketing events of a property managed by the Four Seasons hotel.

Projects sponsored by AMFAM and Ahl Masr

Ahl masr Burn Hospital

Ahl Masr Hospital is the first and largest hospital and Research Centre for the free treatment of trauma and burn victims in Africa and the Middle East. Located in the 1st settlement in New Cairo district, the hospital is constructed over a land plot area of 200,12 m2, allocated by the Ministry of Housing, and a built-up area of 45,245 m2, with a 175-bed capacity.​

Trauma and Burn Victims Treatment Program

Recovery from burns and traumatic injuries is a long, drawn-out and painful process that requires taking into account many physical, emotional and psychological issues. Serious burns often require lengthy stays in the Intensive Care Unit and several surgeries – often months or even years apart and entail extremely high medical expenses of up to hundreds of thousands of Pounds.

Things are made a lot more complicated due to the absence of adequate resources and specialised medical facilities to treat such cases in Egypt. It is this fact that has driven us day and night to provide hope to burn and trauma victims until the hospital’s construction is completed.

Things are made a lot more complicated due to the absence of adequate resources and specialised medical facilities to treat such cases in Egypt. It is this fact that has driven us day and night to provide hope to burn and trauma victims until the hospital’s construction is completed.

Medical Services offered to burn and trauma victims

  • Blood tests
  • Blood transfusion
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Surgical operations and reconstructive surgeries
  • Skin treatment and laser scar Therapy
  • Prostheses
  • Pharmacologic therapy
  • Physical, psychiatric and social rehabilitation

Blood Donation Program

Blood transfusions and blood products are an essential, life-saving part of tending to critically ill patients, which only highlights the importance of blood product reserves. ​

Every two minutes someone, somewhere, needs blood. One donation can potentially save up to 3 lives. Blood and blood product transfusions are particularly vital for accident and burn injuries to address associated complications such as acute bleeding and deficiency of plasma proteins called clotting factors. In addition, it is also vital for patients suffering from haemolysis or severe iron-deficiency anaemia, or any one of a host of other serious diseases.​

It is for these exact reasons that blood collection from voluntary donors is the cornerstone of a safe and sufficient blood supply. Ahl Masr Foundation strives to promote a culture of regular blood donation among all segments of Egyptian society. It may come as a surprise to you that regular blood donation is not only useful for recipients but also for the donors themselves. For example, it provides free donors with full blood analysis, helps reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. ​

Trauma and Burn Victims Treatment Program

Ahl Masr Foundation organizes numerous medical convoys all over Egypt for the pre-emptive early diagnosis and prevention of a variety of illnesses and medical conditions; there’s great emphasis placed on the conditions that commonly affect children and their ability to lead a normal life.​

Our convoys provide:

  • Examining eye diseases and sight problems
  • Performing blood tests for the early detection of diabetes and anemia
  • Providing medication
  • Providing prescription eyeglasses

Physical, Social, and Psychological Rehabilitation Programs

Ahl Masr Foundation adopts a holistic approach to treating burn and trauma victims. The rehabilitation process incorporates physical, psychological and social aspects of care. Our aim is to help patients heal inside and out and to regain a good quality of life beyond their ordeal.

Many people are aware that burns, in particular, are among the most painful, debilitating injuries a human can suffer. However, the psychological effects of burn injuries do not receive as much attention, even though the impacts on a victim’s health and well-being can be just as significant.

Statistics show that 18% of burn victims have a permanent disability, and 17% have a temporary disability, this is down to physical rehabilitation often being overlooked during the initial critical hours following injury. From the moment they begin treatment and parallel to medical care, we provide patients with physiotherapy sessions to maintain their full range of movement and maximize their functional ability.​

The hidden pain victims endure is emotionally devastating due to disfigurement, recalling horrific memories of the incident as well as, often devastating, social and family rejection. That is why the Ahl Masr Foundation focuses on providing psychiatric therapy and psychological counselling for burn victims, particularly women and children, to help them adjust to post-injury life by assisting them with reintegrating into society and promoting a sense of self-acceptance.​

Our outreach campaigns cover local communities, with a special focus on schools where children with burn injuries may face emotional abuse from their peers, which invariably leads them to feel isolated and withdrawn, and may result in poor school performance, or even them dropping out altogether.  

Burn Prevention and Awareness Program

Ahl Masr Foundation has been conducting burn prevention and awareness campaigns across Egypt with the driving principle of ‘Prevention is always better than cure’.

We have also developed an integrated system for fire prevention and control through organizing awareness workshops for children and adults. Our integrated system includes causes and risk factors associated with burns, as well as providing first aid training sessions, which are critical for doctors and nurses in rural health centres.

All African and Middle Eastern countries

  • Schools and universities across the region
  • Housewives in all governorates
  • Partnerships with government institutions (such as the cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Social Solidarity)
  • Companies and banks
  • Social media networks (in collaboration with Egypt Telecom WE)

The Safe Village Program

A few years ago, the Ahmed Allam village in BeniSuef witnessed a roaring fire that engulfed entire houses and left a shocking trail of devastation and severe injuries to some of the residents. According to our field study, one of the main causes of the fire was the lack of security and safety measures in and around the village. In addition, our studies also found that there had been an overall lack of knowledge among the village's population about fire prevention and first aid.

Driven by our vision to greatly minimise, and hopefully abolish burn injuries entirely, Ahl Masr launched the Safe Village program in 2015, in collaboration with the Red Cross and the Civil Defence authority.

The Safe Village Program covers the following:

  • Renovating and replacing thatched hay roofs
  • Building secure, fire-proof roofs
  • Installing safe electrical wiring
  • Installing water supply pipes in homes, as well as a main water tap for the village so that firemen can act accordingly
  • Training women in burn prevention and burn wounds
  • Educating people on safety and security measures to reduce fire risks
  • Providing households with first aid kits and fire extinguishers
  • Distributing informative brochures about burn first aid


To provide trauma and burn victims not only with the most advanced therapy techniques but also with top-quality integrated services, from the crucial education on prevention to rehabilitation, social reintegration and helping victims and their families cope with their emotional and social needs post-treatment


To significantly reduce the impact and incidence of burns and traumas by advancing therapy techniques through pioneering scientific research with the goal to help patients thrive, not just survive.








More than 100,000 people suffer from burns every year in Egypt, over 50% of which die due to the lack of professional medical care and emergency awareness. Burn injuries are painful, horrific, and life-altering; as within those flames lies a destructive force that mutilates not only the face or body, but the future and lives of thousands of people.

More than 100,000 people suffer from burns every year in Egypt, over 50% of which die due to the lack of professional medical care and emergency awareness. Burn injuries are painful, horrific, and life-altering; as within those flames lies a destructive force that mutilates not only the face or body, but the future and lives of thousands of people.

What I envisioned for Ahl Masr at the time of its establishment was for it to become a manifestation of the values my colleagues I and embody; the importance of helping others, following Allah’s orders to be graceful to each other, and pushing forward the level of institutional charity work and medical care standards.

Upon these pillars Ahl Masr was built with a name reinforcing a sentiment of patriotism and solidarity.

When did burn injuries become the foundation’s lifelong cause? Where did we shift, in such a short time, from good-doers who sponsored a few operations, to building the world’s largest non-profit burn hospital located in Egypt and serving the Middle East and Africa? The question itself is still bewildering, but what I’m sure of is that it’s because of the grace of Allah, the power of good will, and the unflinching dedication of our team.

Those flames I referred to earlier shall enlighten us, show us the way of compassion and sacrifice, how to feel others’ pains, and more importantly: how to see the beauty of the soul behind the disfigurement of the body.

My dream is that one day no one will look away when seeing a Burn Survivor, and to live in a world where Burn Victims are met with compassion, understanding, and the care they deserve.

Our ultimate goal is a Humanity Burn Free.

Please join us in creating this world we all dream of.

Heba Elsewedy

Founder and Chairwoman

Why support AMFAM?

According to the World Health Organization and EFESO Consulting (2015), 80,000 burn incidents in Egypt occur annually. Children under the age of 5 represent approximately 25% of total burn victims, and more than 50% of burn victims under the age of 20, (EFESO, 2015). According to the World Health Organisation, 37% of burn victims die because there are not enough burn centres providing medical care.​

  • The death rate reaches more than 60% of the cases after one or two weeks of death due to infections contracted in hospitals. In 2014, a total of 564 children were admitted to the minor burns unit of Al-Qasr Al-Aini Hospital, 14 of whom died, making the incidence of death 2.5%. ( JMMR5844_1.pdf)
  • One of the main causes of death resulting from burns is the severe dehydration suffered during the first 6 hours after the incident, largely due to a lack of awareness.
  • The first 6 hours is the most important in saving the lives of burn victims.
  • In Egypt, people who suffer burns which cover 20% of their bodies usually die; outside Egypt, victims with burns covering over 80% of their body generally survive. At the Burn Centre in Assiut University, cases where 60% of the body is burned results in death 100% of the time; cases where the burns cover anywhere between 40-60% die 70% of the time; burns covering 30-40% have a 50% mortality rate, while burns covering between 11-30% have a 20% mortality rate. People with burns covering less than 11% usually survive. (
  • The number of intensive care beds represents 5.8% of the total number of beds in hospitals, which is low compared with global rates of 10-20% (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2017).
  • More than 60% of burn cases require a stay of 1-3 months in intensive care, which is a major reason for hospitals refusing to admit burn cases.
  • Burns are the third leading cause of death in Egypt and the 50th leading cause of death from injuries and diseases overall (2017).(
  • Burns are the 11thleading cause of death in children under the age of 9 in the world (WHO, 2015).
  • According to the World Health Organization, children under the age of 5 in the Middle East are 6 times more likely to die from burns than any other country.
  • 17% of children in Egypt suffer from temporary disability and 18% suffer permanent disabilities(WHO, 2018).

Reasons for burn injuries awareness

  • Fire/flame injuries which represent 47% of cases.
  • Scald injuries represent 42% of cases.
  • Electrical injuries represent 7% of cases.
  • Chemical injuries represents 1% of cases.
  • Injuries caused by hot objects represent 3% of the cases.

This report was compiled from cases with a known etiology by EFESO Consulting (2015).